Labor Repose

Labor Repose
LaborPayne during her 6th homebirth (9th baby) at age 44

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Haiti Trip III

Plans are well underway for the third return to Haiti. I have applied for a two week stint at a birth center in Cap Haitien, Haiti. If accepted, I will work with Mama Baby Haiti living and working in their free standing birth center. I am planning this trip 1) to serve women and babies in Haiti, 2) as a reward to myself for graduating from my masters program in nurse education, and 3) to check out the facility as a possible option for my student midwifery preceptorship (I've also applied for midwifery school to begin next January) and 4) to begin to form my ideas about what my own birth center for my community will look like. I do believe that healthcare should be socially appropriate and fit the environment it is superimposed on. To that end, I will also be visiting Jennie Joseph in Florida (en route to Haiti) to personally experience the JJ Way system of prenatal care. The next two years will be filled with preparation and study for me. Stay tuned for more information about the Haiti trip. I don't plan to take a group this time- just me. However if others want to go concurrently with me, they can apply to the same birth center for the same time period. Also visit my Haiti website for updates on the trip.


Tia Thompson said...

Greetings! I cant help but read your blog, be so fascinated by all your strides, and wonder have I met you before?? Are you connected with ICTC? Attend the conferences? I was the AZ state rep for about 4years. We seem to be connected to many great women (Ms. Jennie, Gera etc) I am a nurse of almost a year and also am working towards becoming a CNM. I would love to talk more with you because I think I could learn a lot.

LaborPayne said...

Dear MIT,
We may have very well crossed paths. I spoke at the ICTC conference back in 2004, or 5 on the topic of breastfeeding promotion and I attend MANA about every other year. If we haven't crossed paths in the past, I'm sure we will in the future.