Labor Repose

Labor Repose
LaborPayne during her 6th homebirth (9th baby) at age 44

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Walk of Miracles

On January 21st I will depart Kansas City, MO by bus and ride for two days to reach San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in the state of Guanujuato.  Once there I will join my 8 American companions who make of the "Sisters of the Morningstar".  Our peculiar little all female group of sojourners will travel to San Miguel to participate in San Miguel Walk, a total of nine days of walking across the Sierra Madres.  I will walk with the group for three to five of those nine days.  Our small group will meld into a group of about 10,000 Mexicans who make this walk annually.  I will arrive later and leave earlier than the others in my group because of my school/work schedule.  I have participated in this walk three times before, but this time will be different.  The other times I went for the walk, this time I go for the destination.  The final destination of this pilgrimage is a Catholic church in San Juan de los Lagos, in the neighboring state of Jalisco.  When I reach this church (I'll be driven the remainder of the way after walking for three to five days) I will do what thousands of other pilgrims do when they reach it- petition La Virgin for a miracle.  There are special rooms in the back of the cathedral- walls lined with requests for miracles.  Some of the requests are accompanied by letters of gratitude (brought at some later date) for the received miracles.  For example, you might see a photo of a bedridden child, and a second photo taken a couple of years later of the same child running and playing.

I plan to bring my request for a miracle, Uzazzi Village, to La Virgin.  She is well known for granting miracles and I figure she might just as well grant mine.  After leaving my petition, I will return to San Miguel and board a bus for the two day ride back home or if finances permit, I will walk two additional days and then board a plane home.  When I return from my walk of miracles, I want to begin the Community Conversations on Maternal Infant Health.  From these Community Conversations I hope to find volunteers and donors to fuel the work.

In order to raise funds to cover the costs of starting the 501c3 that will become Uzazzi Village I am offering to carry prayer requests in exchange for your donation.  Your prayer request will be transcribed on paper, made into a small scroll, which I will carry in an amulet around my neck for the duration of the walk.  All prayer scrolls will be left at the alter upon my arrival in San Juan de los Lagos.  No donation is too small or too large, and all donations can request a prayer scroll.  Unfortunately, they will not be tax-deductible until the 501c3 is established.  None of your donations will go toward my expenses to do the Walk of Miracles, as I plan to cover all those expenses myself.  Thank you to all those who are a part of this vision taking shape. 

For more information, or to make a donation go to the website:

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