Labor Repose

Labor Repose
LaborPayne during her 6th homebirth (9th baby) at age 44

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spa for the Spirit

Between teaching my class and being a student in two others, I have to now devote some time to healthcare blogging. That will be the subject of my upcoming presentation at the MANA conference next month. Without comments or other feedback, its impossible to know the impact of blogging in the lives of others. I would love to hear from readers about how blogs (not just this one of course) have impacted their view of health and healthcare in general and birth in particular. I would love to share your insights with my audience.

In the meantime, I turn 46 this month, and as is my practice- I plan a fun party every year. I do this because I believe women do not celebrate themselves or their big moments in life enough. I want to set an example. This year, I am planning a Spa for the Spirit party in my backyard. There will be tiki lanterns and Fall flowers all around. I will have massages available, a facilitator leading relaxation experiences, wholesome vegetarian refreshment, live harp music, and an indoor 'Red Tent' for gathering in. It will be women guests only and I will create a ritual to honor each one individually for the gifts they have bestowed on my life through their friendship. Beloved Readers, consider what small rituals you can create to honor your special occassions. Don't miss out on your celebrative moments.


The Three Little Bears said...

Oh my gosh!!! I love this idea! I am stealing this.

The Three Little Bears said...

I want to hear a follow-up to this awesome party. So exciting!

Rebekah Costello said...

That is such a fantastic idea for a birthday party! To honor the ones in your lives that have touched you! Excellent!

Blogs and how they've affected my life with regards to healthcare.

Hmmm. Well for starts, I'm a SAHM. I use my computer not only as a source of entertainment, but much more as my only source of education much of the time. Nursing at the pc is how I maintain my sanity, lol. I don't own a car and I live way, WAY out in the middle of nowhere. So my "village" so to speak is almost entirely online. Not to say that I don't have IRL friends, I do (and they are precious to me) but much of my support, particularly with health concerns and parenting, has come from online friends and the blogs they write. I would never have become inspired to educate myself about half the things I know had I not stumbled across the idea from reading someone's blog (this is true of breastfeeding, uc, vaccination issues, gluten free, EC/Cloth diapering, gardening, I could on and on and on).

I remember when the blogging first became kind of a big deal and people generally had this idea that it didn't mean anything and that people that spent a bunch of their time doing it were loosers or kind of pathetic. But the reality is that as long as your mind is open and you are willing to supplement what you "hear" with your own research, it can really be a valuable tool. I get so much support from the friends I've made online and having information to springboard my own research from is invaluable to me. I'm particularly fond of blogs like yours because when you read enough of them, you get a very nice cross-section of the the opinions prevalent in any given field.

I could go on but my children are hungry and getting antsy. :)