Labor Repose

Labor Repose
LaborPayne during her 6th homebirth (9th baby) at age 44

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Checklist

In the two weeks since I have returned from Haiti, I have been involved in several activites, most of which I will attempt to summerize here:

  • I queried my story about Dr. Delson to a journal but they turned it down, however they did give me ideas of what type of journal might be interested in the story.

  • I started teaching my summer classes, one for LPNs and one for RNs and will be teaching through July.

  • As a part of my committe work, I will be working on the two following projects- 1) collecting and cataloging the stories of African-American women who have lost babies due to preterm delivery or low birth weight,and 2) interviewing the three urban KC hospitals that do deliveries in order to celebrate what they do right and encourage improvements.

  • My two proposals were accepted by the MANA conference, so now to get started fleshing out the following: Lessons from Haiti: maternal infant care during a disaster from the midwifery model, and Brick by Brick: dismantaling racism in maternal infant care.

  • I continue planning for the CIMS Forum 2012- currently identifying potential speakers.

  • My business is expanding to a third state, and I am writing the training manual for new trainers.

  • I am lobbying for a mayoral appointment to the county hospital board from our newly elected mayor.

  • I am researching and writing an educational module on preconception care. If all goes well, I'll be traveling around the country presenting it to home visiting nurses and community workers, along with other content.

  • I am doing my preliminary planning for my profit prenatal clinic and my nonprofit maternity care think tank.

  • fielding offers to work in my (so far imaginary) clinic

  • preparing for a Board of Nursing visit at my college where I teach

  • planning for trip to Canada in November and Mexico in January, and trying to find a way to go to Tazania in December

  • looking forward to a trip to The Holy Land (Morningstar Community) at the end of the month for rest and rejuvination

  • kids leave home but keep coming back, now what?

  • Still waiting and mentally preparing to hear if I am accepted into the midwifery program

  • gardening daily now and loving it!

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