Labor Repose

Labor Repose
LaborPayne during her 6th homebirth (9th baby) at age 44

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The She Wolf Lodge

Photos: me giving counsel, a morning fire circle session, a mother and child, young maidens in a hammock, Sr. Morningstar being smudged during opening ceremonies

Sacred images from the Holy Land (Morningstar Community) where I went this weekend for the Summer Solstice Celebration of the She Wolf Council. I live for these: the drum circles, the smudging, the storytelling around the fire circle, the sessions led by Sr. Morningstar, the fabulous vegetarian and vegan feasts (no meat is allowed on the Holy Land). A pure weekend of women who have left their lives to come together for sharing growth, enlightenment, and transcendance. I'm excited to be moving into my crohn years (defined as one year without bleeding), when I can take my place among the other queen mothers and elders and begin to participate in leadership. In the meantime, I look forward to how much I learn about myself each time I attend. The lesson this time was observing my comfort in my own skin and being still in my own knowing. These are blessed discoveries that prepare me for the work ahead. I'll go back again for the Fall Solstice and continue my work on becoming me.

At one point, Sr. Morningstar asked us to describe our perfect day. Here is mine:

I wake up early, as usual, around 5am. I sit in my garden and have my morning cup of tea and quiet time. After my morning routine, I leave my house and walk around the corner to the clinic. I like to be the first one there to open it up. There is an early morning meeting and I bring fresh flowers from my garden to brighten up the meeting room. As the morning progresses, the clinic staff starts to arrive, the meeting begins and ends, and clients begin to arrive. I oversee the workings of the clinic and the staff, and leave midmorning for more meetings. On this my perfect day, all things go my way. Every idea, every initiative is met with a 'yes!' After a successful round of meetings, I meet my beloved for lunch. We meet at one of my favorite restaurants tucked away on a high hill overlooking downtown on the West Side. After a lovely meal and time to connect with my spouse, I head back to the clinic and oversee its finish for the day. There are patients to see, reports to file, emails and calls to return. My administrative assistant has been dispatched to the airport to pick up a group of international students and researchers. They will be staying in the guest house and working in our clinic for a few weeks. When the last patient has been seen, I rush back around the corner to the house to make sure everything is ready for the arrival of the guests. Dinner has been prepared and the house is full of home-cooked smells. I sit down to dinner with my family and enjoy a good meal. Afterwards, I sit and think and reflect on what a wonderful day it has been. I remember, that it is my perfect day.

Now your turn. What would your perfect day look like?

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