Labor Repose

Labor Repose
LaborPayne during her 6th homebirth (9th baby) at age 44

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Charmed Living

Just finished reading Victoria Moran's book, "Living a Charmed Life". Loved this book, just as I loved it's predecessor "Creating a Charmed Life." It's all about becoming who we are through conscious being and doing. It's chock full of juicy little tidbits and practical application for living a life of excellence and relevance. I highly recommend it. It's written in a series of little 1 1/2 page essays so you can easily read an essay a day. I read mine with a cup of hot tea in my garden every morning. With the sun rising in the sky, and a cat on my lap, and the tinkle of chimes in my ear, and my orange spice candle perfuming the fresh air, I find it is the perfect start to every day. (Notice I like to involve all my senses in my daily quiet time). Over the next few weeks, I'll be writing about lessons learned and experiments tried from the book. Come along for the ride, or get the book and create your own adventures!

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