Labor Repose

Labor Repose
LaborPayne during her 6th homebirth (9th baby) at age 44

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Preparing for Haiti

It is now official, so I can blog about it. I'm going to Haiti in less than two weeks! From March 20-28, I will be in Haiti working in a crisis relief center with pregnant women. I can hardly wait to go. I will be going with Mercy and Truth Medical Missions and will meet up with other healthcare providers from other organizations working at the relief center. All I know so far is the relief center is housed in a school, and we will have accommodations there as well. Meals will be provided by the military. Here is where you come in. I would love to give folks the opportunity to give to this effort. I am accepting the following items to take with me:
1. fabric slings to give to women with small babies
2. unopened bottles of prenatal vitamins and folic acid
3. small vanity items for women and girls such as combs, hair accessories, hair bands, ponytail holders, hair clamps, barrettes, etc. (Nothing bigger than a banana please)
If you feel compelled to give money, please give to one of the fine organizations already set up to take donations such as the Red Cross. My trip will be completely self-financed (I plan to take it off my taxes next year.) I will post more information as it becomes available. My goals for the trip are the following:
1. Serve in whatever ways I can
2. Observe and learn more about the gaps in disaster relief services for maternal-infant populations
3. Document everything (in both words and pictures)
4. Practice maternal health nursing skills
5. Participate in some births
6. Experience and appreciate an entirely new culture
7. Become better and stronger as a nurse and person

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wharman said...

This is Wendy Harman from the American Red Cross. Good luck on your journey and please let us know how it goes.